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Effect of Fertilization on Anatomical and Physical-mechanical Properties of Bamboo, Neosinocalamus affinis

Jiulong Xie, He Lu, Tingxing Hu, Cornelis F De Hoop, Hui Xiao, Yuzhu Chen, Xingyan Huang, Chung-Yun Hse


Fertilizers of N, P, and K were applied in the Neosinocalamus affinis plantations and the anatomical and physical-mechanical properties of N. affinis bamboo from different fertilization treatments were measured. The aim of this study was to elucidate the effect of fertilization practice on the properties of N. affinis bamboo wood. The results revealed that the fertilization of P and K resulted in reduction in fiber length, and the effect was insignificant. The application of P, K, and low level of N fertilizers (0.3-0.6kg/clump) had no significant effect on the fiber morphology, while high level of N fertilizer contributed to short fibers. The specific gravity was significantly decreased by fertilization, while the volume shrinkage was increased. Since the effect of various fertilization treatments had different influence on various properties of N. affinis, specific evaluations on the properties of the fertilized bamboo wood should be done prior to its utilizations.

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