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Compressive Behavior of Wood-based 2-D Lattice Structure under Multivariable Analysis

Yanxia FENG, Mengyuan WANG, Shaochen HU, Lili JIA, Jihe CHEN, Tianshi FENG, Yingcheng HU


In order to optimize the out-of-plane compression performance of the wood structure, wood-based 2-D lattice structures were designed and manufactured with oriented strand board as the panel and birch round stick as the core by using a simple insert-glue method. In this experiment, the different thicknesses of the upper and lower panels, the different shavings arrangement directions of the upper and lower panels and the different configurations of the specimens were used to analyze the compression performance of the specimens under multivariable conditions. Through the combination of experimental test and theoretical analysis, we analyzed and compared different failure types of the structure and multiple compression parameters. The results showed that the shavings arrangement direction of the panel has a more important influence on the whole specimen than the thickness of the panel, especially the transverse shavings of the panel can withstand greater shear stress than the longitudinal shavings for a specimen.

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